Miya Women's Packable Ultra light Weight Short Down Jacket Womens Winter Coats B01KVODJ34

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  • 90% duck down.All sizes have been adjusted, you can refer to the size of the table to buy.

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  • 90% DUCK DOWN: The high standard of 90% white duck down,Fabrics and Materials are used in high-grade 100% nylon,The wear resistance of nylon,Moisture absorption is very good. In the indoor outdoor sports is a very good choice,It will bring you enjoy.Size of China, please look at the description size.

  • ONLY A LEMON SO WEIGHT: Due to the use of 90% pure feather filling,A piece of clothing weighs only in 200g-250g,There is a bag that can be with a down jacket.The Down jacket in a bag and a cup size is the same,But it's lighter than a cup.In autumn or winter,Going out for a tour is the best choice.It takes up a very small position.At the same time is also very warm.

  • ENHANCE 3 TIMES THE WARMTH : Feather selection is the white duck on the part of the abdomen, With a high amount of feather, Down very fluffy, Thermal insulation is very strong, Warm in autumn and winter and spring.The warm degree is 3 times higher than the average.

  • HIGH STANDARD PROCESS AND TECHONLOGY: High standard of white feather is to pass through the screening of high quality, high standard of disinfection Eliminate odor and other process.Using sub grid charging technology andThe import of fine needle to prevent out of velvet. Has a certain waterproof effect, lotus leaf waterproof, light and soft, easy to clean and carry. Down jacket to add a hat to make your head warmer, more to protect your head is not cold

  • BEST SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We know you'll love our down jackets, that's why if you aren't 100% satisfied we will provide you with a refund or replacement.

  • Miya Women's Packable Ultra light Weight Short Down Jacket Womens Winter Coats B01KVODJ34